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DMS Remodel, LLC. is a full service residential contracting business founded in Woodbridge, Virginia in January, 1981. We specialize in home improvement projects that require both design and building services. Dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction, DMS prides itself in the integrity of their work and the quality of their product that larger business would envy. A bulk of its customers is those who have been referred to us by satisfied homeowners and customers.

Under the banner of "Good Quality at a Fair Price", DMS Remodel will dedicate itself to designing, specifying, building and warranting residential improvements from basement to attic. New kitchens, bathrooms, additions, bedroom improvements, dormers and basement improvements are all possible by dealing with one qualified company. This "one step" client centered approach exceeds that of a general contractor. DMS Remodel will take your conceptual thoughts and transform them into detailed drawings and specifications and then into a carefully crafted finished project.